Good riding is more than simply having the correct position!
You must be effective within that position!

balimoThe Balimo Program helps riders improve both their seat and feeling for their horses.

These techniques have been researched and developed by Eckart Meyers, PhD in Sports Physiology and retired Department head at the University of Lüneburg, Germany.

Over the years Eckart has researched brain/body function and the quality of movement in the sport of riding. He has put together a very practical, fun, easy to follow program, which helps riders create and supple, effective seat.

balimoAs a Graduate Core Instructor of the Balimo program, Linda enjoys helping riders discover the full potential of their seats.

By improving suppleness and coordination, riders find that their balance also improves significantly.

The Balimo techniques are used in the Medal Performance + Trainer Courses held at the Westfälische Reit- und Fahrschule, Münster, Germany.