The German Riding System

The German Riding System is renown throughout the world for the success which it has brought to riders in a variety of disciplines, in every level from local, to International, to Olympic.

This doesn't just happen by accident, but through hard work, dedication, and a systematic approach. One aspect in this system that contributes to this success is the educational programs which are available to trainers and instructors.

Many of these programs are now being offered to English-speaking students. You don't have to be an instructor or trainer to enjoy these educational programs, but you do have to be a serious and dedicated equestrian looking to improve your knowledge and riding skills.

By joining one of the following programs, you will have a unique and wonderful opportunity to experience Germany's rich equestrian culture in person with or without the expense of bringing your own horse.

You will also have the opportunity to build a network with many other International riders in the English language.

I do hope that you'll let us as create a personal German equestrian experience just for you!

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International Equestrian Instructor's Passport

PassportFollowing the trainer courses, it is possible to obtain an International Equestrian Instructor's Passport!