Trainer Program: September 9 - 26, 2013

The German trainer courses are one of the elements that make the German System of Riding so successful.

Another important component is also the fact that all the disciplines (dressage, jumping, cross country) of riding are practiced and supported along with riding theory.

Each course is based on a proven systematic program of training, which ensures that all instructors holding the title of Trainer/Instructor have been tested and have a certain level of understanding and experience in the sport of riding.

This level of expertise is consistent throughout Germany due to the fact that the curriculum is defined by one governing body and carried out by only a few certified schools.

Upon completion of each course, candidates in the programs are examined by certified examiners, which guarantees a consistent level of knowledge is being passed on from one generation of riders to the next.

The steps in completing this Instructor Certification program are as follows:

Once a rider has completed the requirement of the medal performance, he/she can begin the instructor certification program. First earning the trainer C, then the B, followed by the A.


Application process - Information needed to apply