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---A fantastic opportunity for riders that want to take their riding and coaching seriously. All is based on the "Scale of Training" and the fundamentals of equine health and mental soundness. I'll be back!!!---

---High Quality riding lessons and some great and inspiring theory lessons!---

---Overall great experience with well educated horses. Exciting and splendid theory and great social connections.---

---Improved my riding in dressage and jumping and became more confident with my jumping teaching.---

---I have been educated with information that will last a life time and experienced moments that will never be forgotten!---

---I greatly improved my riding skills and learned more about the training scale.---

---Worth traveling across the world for!!---

---Fantastic experience. I would happily recommend the course. Can't wait to come back!---



Andréa Curlook, May 23, 2012

Andréa Curlook and LindaI was introduced to Linda Christie in 2009 in Warendorf when I sought assistance with language translation during the course of purchasing a horse.

Linda's fluency and integrity allowed me to move smoothly through the process. Her experience with the details of exporting horses and her connections to those in the business was a further bonus.

I have since benefited from Linda's diversity of skills in everything from setting up German bank accounts to helping pay my speeding tickets.

Linda is also well versed in the processes of arranging rider permits for foreign competitors and travel visas for riders working in Germany.

Linda knows everybody you need to know to or want to know if you are involved in Dressage in Germany.

What began as a business rapport with Linda Christie has developed into friendship;her enthusiasm for horses and advancing the quality of riding education is infectious.

Linda's charm, humour and professionalism make any challenging task a simple and fun endeavour.

As a Canadian rider currently training with Hubertus Schmidt in Germany, I can say with certainty, I would not have my horse nor my current priviledge to train here without Linda's involvement in the process.

I highly recommend Linda Christie and her equine business services.



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Tracy Robertson, CA

My first three days in Germany I stayed in the lovely, historic town of Warendorf, home of Deutsche Reitschule, The Westphalian Landgestut, the DOKR, numerous excellent trainers, and awesome tack shops.

My guide was Linda Christie, an American who has lived, trained and taught in Germany for the past five years. ... International Equestrian Connections, LLC, [which] sets up training tours or horse buying tours for Americans when they come to Germany.

Linda knows everyone in the horse community in Warendorf, and she is one of the nicest people I've ever had the pleasure to deal with. --Tracy Robertson, CA

Tracy Robertson
Names from left to right: Lynne Sprinsky, George Theodorescu, Tracy Robertson, Sue Leffler













Sue Leffler, Ontario Canada

I first met Linda Christie at the BalimoTM/Eckart Meyners' workshops in Denver, CO in July 2005. I not only participated as an instructor, but was also a student rider with Linda as my teacher. In the workshop in Luneburg Germany, I was again Linda's student rider. That allowed us to continue where we'd left off in Denver.

Linda is an excellent instructor who teaches in a clear, supportive manner combining her understanding of classical horse training with the ability to help riders correct their position. Linda gets two thumbs up in my book!

Three of us headed to Germany in September 2005 to attend the Eckart Meyners workshops but wanted to do a bit of sight seeing first. Linda arranged for our hotel rooms as well taking us to an amazing Equestrian Rehabilitation Center, for a visit to the Theodorescus' farm, a tour of the National Stud and Equestrian Academy in Warendorf as well as to the Olympic Center all in Warendorf.

She then gave us detailed directions to Verden where we visited the Pferde (Horse) Museum, which was very interesting and arranged for our hotel accommodations. Both hotels were reasonably priced and very nice.

Linda is so much fun to be with you can't help but have a good time.
-- Sue Leffler, Ontario Canada


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Jane Brown, MD

Dear Linda, A few months have gone by since my friend and I visited you in Warendorf, Germany. I just wanted to thank you for going above and beyond to make this a special trip.

Of course, our main goal was to see the dressage horses for sale in the area. Your relationships with local farms, breeders, and horse trainers made our search easy. Every horse was beautiful and well started in dressage. How exciting!

Beyond the horse shopping however, Joan and I wanted to thank you for the wonderful recommendations on hotels and restaurants. The inn was extremely comfortable. Each restaurant was more charming than the last. It was obvious to us that you had put a lot of thought into our week, and worked hard to make this trip outstanding!

Thanks again for all your efforts.
-- Jane Brown, MD


Joan Lanier, Linda, Jane Brown and George Theodorescu
Jane Brown, Joan Lanier and George Theodorescu











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Joan Lanier, MD

Could not ask for a more professional and fun first trip to Germany. Linda took very good care to not only show us some spectacular horses, farms, and introductions to many warm and friendly horse people but our accommodations she arranged for were just lovely.

I can recommend her services if you want to really enjoy the experience!
-- Joan Lanier, MD


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Janniche Lund-Teigås

Janniche Lund TeigåsI would like to recommend the trainer course to everyone who wants to become a trainer! I'm from Norway and wanted to have some more education then we can get here, just the little extra.

The German system has always fasinated me and there's no doubt that the system works, just look at the results. I was a little unsure at first, but after the first course I was really glad I came.

The language is no problem since the course is in English, and you get to learn some German on the way as well, not bad :) You get to see places and see good riding in several places, Linda organise trips to some of the best riders, I can mention Ingrid Klimke and Hubertus Schmidt.

Janniche Lund TeigåsThe course is genuine because you learn several ways to think and look at riding and instruction. You also learn a lot about yourself and your own ridning, wich is good, if you are a active rider yourself and you want to set a good example to your students!

The course also give you some other advantages, you get to take the German Bronze and Silver Performance Medals, where you get grades on your riding, and that takes you to the next level of the trainer courses.

At the school you get to meet some great people from all over the world, both in riding and housing. With Linda I can garantee you a fantastic stay!

If you think of becomming a trainer and want to have the little extra, go to Westfälische Reit- und Fahrschule, I give them my warmest recommandation!

-- Janniche Lund-Teigås

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Beth Beukema, Providence, Rhode Island

It is a pleasure to recommend People to Horses and Linda Christie as an outstanding organizer for international horsepersons to obtain a German riding experience.

The Johnson & Wales University students have benefited greatly from the German Bronze medal courses organized by Linda.

Through these courses taught at the Westphalian Riding School, the students have been immersed in the German riding theory, methods, and culture.

Linda has organized side trips to international dressage and jumping shows, auctions and cultural excursions.

It is a great pleasure to work with Linda and to observe the students develop a deeper sense of the German training system.

Beth Beukema
Names from left to right: Linda, Alexandra, Myhren












Beth Beukema, Department Chairperson
Center for Equine Studies at Johnson & Wales University
Providence, Rhode Island

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